Fuel Type

Before you purchase a stove you need to consider whether you want to burn solid fuels such as logs and smokeless fuels or perhaps you would prefer the easy option of gas or electric.  You also need to know what heat output you room can accommodate.  Visit our heat guide here.

Multi-fuel & Wood Burning


There is nothing like a wood burning or multi-fuel stove.  They create a real flame image and there are so many different models to choose from. Wood burns on a flat bed stove whereas a multi-fuel occurs on a raised gate.  This is because wood fuel requires air from above for combustion and multi-fuel such as coal and smokeless fuels require air from beneath the fire.  If you are going to buy a stove, wood burning or multi-fuel is the ultimate choice. Fireline is a great choice if you are looking for a multi-fuel stove.

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Gas Stoves

Gas stoves give a highly realistic flame effect with a choice of either log or coal fuel beds.  With a gas stove you get instant heat with just a push of a button, so if you hate waiting to get warm on those chilly days then a gas stove will be a superb choice.  The majority of gas stoves are remote controlled which makes the stove even easier to use.  DRU's Circo one of our best selling gas stoves.

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Electric Stoves

Electric stoves have a realistic flame effect and provide heat with a fan heater.  Most fan heaters offer 1kW or 2 kW, so if you are looking for heat such as 5kW, an electric stove is not the best choice.  Similarly with a gas stove an electric stove also has a remote control option.