So you're probably thinking "Why on earth would you buy a stove, fire or fireplace in the summer?" The weather's getting warmer not colder! With blue skies and boiling hot days on the way (we live in hope here in the UK!) it may seem pointless to spend the money.

However, there are several reasons why buying a fire or fireplace in the summer months is, in actual fact, a great idea.

  1. The most popular time to buy a new fire is between September and January. These times are exceptionally busy, popular fires sell fast and lead times for installation increase dramatically.
  2. While you get your fire installed, you are normally required to turn off your heating. Therefore, in the summer, you can rely on the outdoor summer heat.
  3. Finally we have a sale on! We have some great deals on a wide range of stoves, fires and fireplaces. Why not visit us at our showroom in Newport to see some fires in action?

Here are a couple of fires that are currently on sale:

One of our summer favourites is the Newman Stoven stove. It allows you to cook your food in the bottom compartment. A great alternative to a BBQ when it rains.

Click here to view it in our store. 

 The Faber BUZZ outdoor gas fire is perfect for those chilly summer nights in the garden.

 Click here to view it in our store.