You probably already have a fairly clear idea of the style of fire you are looking for and know if you want something traditional or modern looking.  Most brands manufacture products of both kind.  However some brands have particularly good contemporary offerings including DRU, Faber and Legend.  Other brands tend to focus more on traditional fires such as Gazco and Valor.  

Some fires are only suitable for particular types of installation.  You therefore need to know what type of flue or chimney you have.  If you don’t already know, check out our handy flue application guide here.  This will help you determine if any given product is appropriate for your installation because you can see the icons/tags next to every product.

You should also decide what heat output you need from the fire.  If you don’t already know, then take a look at our heat output guide.
All of our products on our website are tagged according to their brand, style, flue application and heat output.  You can use the search bar at the top of the site to find things that match.  For example if you type 'Gas', then you will be shown all gas products.  Alternatively, you can simply visit our product page and choose how to shop by.