Dean Forge Foxworthy 5kw Wood-Burning & Multi-Fuel Stove

  • Dean Forge Foxworthy 5kw Wood-Burning & Multi-Fuel Stove
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The Foxworthy Stove

The Foxworthy is another version of the Dartmoor 5 which has either a high or low stand.  This is Dean Forge's smallest wood-burning and multi-fuel stove.  However, this compact and robust fire has a straightforward air wash system which cleans the glass enabling you to see the whole fire.  It also comes with a spinning air control which enables the user to control the burning rate.

Key Features:

  • 5kw Output 
  • Wood Burning & Multi-fuel options 
  • Powerful air wash system 
  • large glass window 
  • 82% efficient 
  • Approved for use in smoke controlled areas 


  • Width 430mm
  • Height (high) 790mm (Low) 695mm
  • Depth 285mm 
  • Flue size 125mm
  • standard leg length (High) 300mm (Low) 200mm

Flue Types Class 1 Chimney
Type Stove
Vendor Dean Forge
Tags Class 1 Chimney, Dean Forge, Freestanding, Stoves

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