DRU 44 MF Cast Iron Stove

  • DRU 44 MF Cast Iron Stove
  • DRU 44 MF Cast Iron Stove
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The DRU 44 MF Cast Iron Multi-fuel Stove

This superb stove is made from the toughest Norwegian cast iron which is designed to withstand Scandinavian winters. This means that your stove will have no issues with a British winter.

The DRU 44 is a traditional cast iron multi-fuel stove which means you get a fuel choice of coal or wood. It has a fantastic black finish but other colours are available by special order.  The DRU 44 has an 'air-wash' system that cleans the window. This also means that the stove is dust free.  Everyone hates it when handles get hot but the DRU 44's handle is stays cold for comfort and safety. 

The multi-fuel stove comes with long legs for freestanding installation but short legs can be provided if you want to insert it into a class 1 chimney.  Take a look at our handy flue guide if you are unsure about what flue you have.

The stove give a great 4.9Kw output which is perfect for a medium sized living room.  It accommodates 20"-23" logs and the flame can be controlled with a thermostat.  It has a high efficiency of 78%.


  • Brand: DRU
  • Model: Freestanding
  • Fuel: Wood, coal
  • Output: 4.9 kW
  • Combustion system: Open
  • Efficiency" 78%
  • Interior finish: Glossy black /glossy natural
  • Front colours: Anthracite, enamel: ivory, charcoal, majolica brown
  • Fire-view: Front
  • Controls: Manual


Flue Types Class 1 Chimney
Type Stove
Vendor DRU Fires
Tags Built-in, Class 1 Chimney, DRU Fires, Freestanding, Multi-Fuel, Stoves

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