DRU Global 90 CF

  • DRU Global 90 CF
  • DRU Global 90 CF
  • DRU Global 90 CF
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Global 90 CF. The convenient choice for the conventional chimney

The Global 90 CF is a brilliant in every ways it has all the characteristics of a high end DRU gas fire.  It is very convenient and comes at a great price.  The contemporary, letterbox-style has been developed for the class 1 chimney.

The Global 90 CF is 90cms wide which means it can be easily installed into a standard chimney without the need for flue pipes or chimney liners, therefore it reduces the cost of installation.


Brand DRU
Model Built-in
Fuel Natural gas / propane
Output (kW) 4,3/4,3 kW
Combustion system Open
Efficiency 69%
Interior finish Glossy black, natural profile
Front colours Black
Burner Log set, stones
Fire-view Front
Controls Remote control with electronic ignition (RCE)



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Flue Types Balanced Flue Class 1 Chimney
Type Gas Fire
Vendor DRU Fires
Tags Balanced Flue, Class 1 Chimney, DRU Fires, Gas, Global

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