DRU Largo Tunnel

  • DRU Largo Tunnel
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Largo Tunnel is a generously sized ‘see-through’ gas fire. With its two-sided glass display, the fire is visible from both sides. This provides a spectacular room divider for a dining room and living room, kitchen or even a conservatory.

Largo Tunnel features DRU Slim Line II technology. This is an innovation, whereby only the glass window and the flame picture are visible, and any surplus frames have been concealed. Because of this, it is almost impossible to distinguish a DRU gas fire from a real wood fire.

The Largo Tunnel has two black polished side walls and is furnished with an elegant natural log set. Access to the inside is gained through the Easy Release® glass window. Extra attention has been paid to the built-in frames, made from powder-coated galvanised steel, which prevents corrosion of the parts. For the installer, the adjustable legs ensure simple and accurate positioning of the gas fire.

A standard feature with the Largo Tunnel is a programmable remote control with room temperature display.

Flue Types Balanced Flue
Type Gas Fire
Vendor DRU Fires
Tags Balanced Flue, Built-in, DRU Fires, Gas

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