DRU Metro 100XT

  • DRU Metro 100XT
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DRU Metro is the original template for contemporary hole-in-the-wall gas fires. Originally launched in a classic 1 metre wide letterbox shape, with a realistic log display and generous flames, the Metro concept has now been developed further to include extra tall, extra wide, 2 sided, 3 sided, and see-through tunnel models.

All this has been achieved without compromising the original DRU high standards of style, form, function and fireplace technology that enables DRU to maintain its position as the European market leader in contemporary gas fires.

Metro 100 XT is an extra tall version of the popular Metro frameless gas fire. The added height of this impressive balanced flue gas fire allows for larger, more rustic logs and higher, more realistic flames.

The Metro 100 XT was the first fire in the DRU Metro range to include the exclusive DRU Slim Line II system. This means that the fire is completely frameless, with an uninterrupted view of its beautiful fire display.

It has a unique burner, which spreads the fire in a zig-zag pattern across the entire width and depth of the fire bed, while the extra tall glass window provides a much higher flame picture than that of ordinary gas fires.

The interior offers a choice of a smooth black finish, throwing the flame picture into sharp relief or a Ceraglassm, mirrored finish, which adds visual depth to the flame picture. Carrara stones are also available as an optional fire bed and the fire is operated by electronic remote control.

Finally, with an impressive efficiency rating of 85%, Metro 100XT is a truly 21st century gas fire.

Technical Details:

Fuel: Natural gas / propane
Output (kW): 6.9 kW / 6.0 kW
Combustion system: Closed
Efficiency: 85%
Interior finish: Black smooth, black Ceraglass
Front colours: -
Burner: Log set, stones
Fire: Front
Controls: Remote control with electronic ignition (RCH)


Flue Types Balanced Flue
Type Gas Fire
Vendor DRU Fires
Tags Balanced Flue, Built-in, DRU Fires, Gas

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