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Venteo is much more than just the little brother of the Passeo. It is a cutting-edge gas fire that provides the definitive choice in style and comfort for the astute homeowner. It is an ultra-modern gas fire, with a window that offers unbroken views of its beautiful log fire display.

There is a choice of black, natural brick or classic brick interiors and the Venteo can be installed as a frameless model or combined with DRU Monaco or Avignon surrounds to create a more conventional fireplace.

Just like its larger colleague, the Passeo, it is the most alluring feature in any living room. And yet, with its shallow profile, it can be fitted into almost any living space. It has a generous heat output of 5.2 kW and an impressive efficiency rating of 78%

Venteo is a balanced flue gas fire, with all the special features that you expect from the DRU fireplace range. So it has Vario Burner® for a magnificent glow all around the fire bed and remote control for ease of operation. So if you are looking into the supreme gas fire, it’s time you looked into the Venteo

Flue Types Balanced Flue
Type Gas Fire
Vendor DRU Fires
Tags Balanced Flue, Built-in, DRU Fires, Gas

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