eReflex 55W Outset Electric Fires

  • eReflex 55W Outset Electric Fires
  • eReflex 55W Outset Electric Fires
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The elegant 55W electric fire presents the eReflex’s incredible Chromalight LED flame visuals and ember lighting in a compact portrait format, perfect for smaller spaces such as standard British chimney breasts.

Designed to be installed as either a two or a three sided fire, the eReflex 55W electric fire creates deep 3D flame visuals that appear to dance amongst the fuel effects.

eReflex electric fires come with an array of fuel effects, including realistic Logs, clear and grey Pebbles and Crystal-ice. The fire’s easily removable glass front lets you mix and match the fuel bed to create your own bespoke display.



Fire Size A B C D E F G H
eReflex 55W 604mm 560mm 550mm 566mm 560mm 769mm 110mm 306mm


eReflex 55W (formerly Skope) Dimensions

Flue Types
Type Electric Fire
Vendor Gazco
Tags Electric, outset

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