Infinity 890PC Gas Fire

  • Infinity 890PC Gas Fire
  • Infinity 890PC Gas Fire
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The Infinity 890PC Gas Fire

The 890PC is the big brother version of the 660PC. Both of these modern contemporary gas fires will fit into class 1 and 2 flues and onto pre-cast flues, hence the 'PC'.

The fire comes in a modern Piano Black fascia and black mirror glass back liner with enhances the look of the flame to give the impression of an even deeper fuel bed.

The 890PC is designed to be either built-in or hung on the wall. Both options can bee seen in the pictures.


Gas Type: Natural GasĀ 

Input: 5.5kW

Output: 4.1kW

Efficiency: 82%

Dimensions: 971 x 465

Flue Types Class 1 Chimney Pre-Cast Flue
Type Gas Fire
Vendor Infinity
Tags Built-in, Class 1 Chimney, Gas, Infinity, Pre-Cast Flue

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