DRU Metro 100XTL

  • DRU Metro 100XTL
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Metro 100XTL is a luxury 3-sided frameless gas fire that is a cross between a tunnel fire and a corner fire. With a choice of log or pebble fire beds, it is designed to be installed into a false wall or room divider so it can be viewed from both sides and provide both a source of heat and comfort and double as an interesting architectural feature.

It is a fire that must be built into an existing divider wall, or into a false wall made from DRU approved heat resistant material. The fire mechanism and flue pipes are hidden inside the wall and vented horizontally to an outside wall or vertically through the roof. This means that you can enjoy the famous DRU flame picture from anywhere in the home.

Metro 100XTL is also a fire that is suitable to be installed in hotels, restaurants and other commercial and leisure premises, bringing warmth and visual appeal to public as well as private places.

There are both left and right hand facing versions with heat outputs of 7.6 kW.

Flue Types Balanced Flue
Type Gas Fire
Vendor DRU Fires
Tags Balanced Flue, Built-in, DRU Fires, Gas

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