Riva2 Electric 70

  • Riva2 Electric 70
How much will it cost?

To help us give you the best possbile deal on this product, please provide further details about your chimney/flue by giving us a call on 0800 033 7136 or fill in our enquiry form.

The Riva2 Electric Inset has two square designs that have the same contemporary lines as the studio inset.  The large glass window allows you to enjoy a fantastic modern style flame.  The remote control enables the user to change the brightness and the heat output.  There is an option of natural stone or marble mantels.  


Overall dimensions: Inset 55* 550 x 550mm (w x h)
Overall dimensions: Inset 70* 700 x 650mm (w x h)
Heating efficiency: 99%
Heat output Inset 55: 0.5kW - 1kW
Inset 70: 1kW - 2kW

Flue Types No Chimney
Type Electric Fire
Vendor Gazco
Tags Built-in, Electric, Gazco, No Chimney

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